Istanbul Modern has two main exhibition halls.

The museum’s permanent collection is displayed on the main floor. In the large hall, the works of prominent artists are exhibited in chronological order, showcasing Turkey’s modern and contemporary art from its beginnings to our day. The texts accompanying the works in the exhibition hall explain the social, cultural, economic, and political dynamics of this process. In the small room on the collection floor are brought together works by prominent representatives of contemporary art from both Turkey and different countries. The collection floor presents, with a contemporary approach, a wide variety of works ranging from painting and sculpture to installation and video from the early 20th century to our day.

On the ground floor, two or three exhibitions are held simultaneously in the Temporary Exhibition Hall, Photography Gallery, and Pop-up Exhibition Areas.

In the Temporary Exhibition Hall are held conceptual shows and retrospectives presenting examples of modern and contemporary art from Turkey. This hall also hosts large-scale and international exhibitions that point to current transformations in the visual arts.

In the Photography Gallery are explored reflections in photography of art movements in the world and examples of photography in Turkey from its beginnings to the present. Furthermore, this gallery hosts exhibitions by prominent photographers from Turkey and abroad.

The Pop-up Exhibition Areas host, within their dynamic and interdisciplinary structure, exhibitions in various fields such as architecture, design, video, and new media.